Services-H.A.S.- Humane Animal Services

H.A.S. Services & Contact Information

- Animal Control Services -
Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun City and Vacaville

H.A.S. Services
  • Enforcement of state, county and city laws/ordinances pertaining to animals within contracted city limits.
  • Promote responsible pet ownership.
  • Investigate acts of animal abuse, neglect or mistreatment.
  • Work with community partners and public agencies to investigate, mediate when possible, and resolve issues involving animals, pet owners, and neighbors of pet owners.
  • Impound stray, abandoned, dangerous and unruly animals pursuant to laws and ordinances.
  • Seek emergency medical treatment for sick or injured stray animals.
  • Pick up deceased animals on private or public property.     (H.A.S. does not pick up owned animals).
Animal Control Dispatch is provided 24 hours per day,
7 days a week by either H.A.S. Dispatch or City Police

Contact H.A.S. during normal business hours
Monday - Sunday
(707) 449-1700
Please note, dispatch is closed from 1:00-2:00pm for lunch.

If after hours, please contact your local police department.

What We Do

If you reside within the city limits of Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun City and Vacaville, you are instructed to call H.A.S. Animal Control Dispatch for the following situations/incidents:

      Unaccompanied animals running loose
            (does not include domestic cats).

      Unaccompanied sick and/or injured animals.
      Dog bites.
      Aggressive animals.
      Dogs on the highway.
      Concerns about the welfare of an animal.
      Nuisance animals.
            (barking dogs require a two-week journal recording
              the dates and time the dog was barking along with a
              description of the dog.)