Humane Animal Services in Vacaville California is currently recruiting for P/T and/or F/T animal service officers to enforce applicable state laws and county ordinances governing the control of domestic animals.

Officers will respond to citizens’ requests and complaints regarding domestic animal control problems; work under close supervision while being trained and will gradually work more independently as knowledge and skills are developed.




Animal Services Officers are required to work a varied schedule which may include shifts that require working evenings, weekends and holidays as directed; response to after hours emergency calls will be required.

Within six months from date of employment incumbent must obtain a valid POST 832 PC with firearms.


• Enforces state and local laws pertaining to the control of canines and other domestic animals.
• Receive and investigate complaints and reports from the public and other agencies regarding stray, dangerous, unwanted or improperly controlled animals; tactfully handle complaints, mitigating concerns; investigate and prepare animal cruelty cases.
• Pick up, transport, and impound stray, confined, sick, injured or dead animals as needed.
• Apprehends and properly disposes of a variety of domestic pets, wildlife and livestock;
• Investigate all potentially dangerous and potentially vicious domestic animals.
• Receives and investigates complaints regarding the care, maintenance, control and disposal of all types of animals;
• Provides satisfactory explanations to the general public on State and local laws relating to animals;
• Exercises tact, compassion, courtesy and poise while discharging assigned duties;
• Investigates animal bites and completes related paperwork;
• Investigates and prepares animal cruelty cases; issue violation notices and court citations; collect evidence, prepare, submit and conduct search warrants; appear in court as a witness; prepare responses and represent Humane Animal Services in Superior Court regarding dangerous and vicious dogs; be able to prepare responses to pre- and post- seizure hearings;
• Issues Notices to Appear in Court and may be required to testify in court relating to criminal matters;
• Prepares legible, clearly written reports; keeps records and completes forms concerning animal control violations and transactions;
• Patrols all or assigned areas; issues citations for violations of domestic animal control laws.
• Operates pick-up trucks, vans and stock trailers used in transportation of animals and equipment;
• Operate vehicle to patrol jurisdictions overseen by Humane Animal Services; enforce animal regulations, laws and ordinances; answer questions from the public concerning age, breed, characteristics, care and treatment of animals; advise the public of legal rights, explaining and interpreting animal control laws, regulations, procedures and policies.
• Examines animals to determine age, sex, and overall condition;
• Work cooperatively with other law enforcement groups when joint action is required; issue violation notices and court citations, collect evidence and appear in court as a witness, as necessary.
• Work cooperatively with local law enforcement in responding to potentially dangerous/potentially violent or rabid animals that require assistance in the dispatching of an animal through use of firearms;
• Through the use of department approved software, maintain records of all activities involving public contact in the pursuit of official duties; proficiently operates computer software for tracking animals;
• May be assigned to any shift and required to be available on standby or on-call basis.


Knowledge of –
State and county laws, regulations and ordinances relating to animal control work; learn and apply proper care and feeding of domestic animals; learn diseases and symptoms common to domestic animals.

Ability to –
Recognize normal and abnormal animal behavior; care for and safely handle domestic animals so as to avoid injury to persons or animals; deal with the general public in a courteous but firm manner; prepare simple reports and other written material in a logical, concise and accurate manner; learn departmental procedures, county ordinances and state laws covering the control and protection of animals; express oneself, both verbally and in writing, in a clear and logical manner; work effectively with or without close supervision depending upon classification of job assigned; issue citations, prepare cases for and testify in court as required.

Education and Experience:

– High School graduate or equivalent.
– Experience in an animal shelter environment                            
– Possession of an appropriate California driver’s license issued by the State Department of Motor Vehicles and must maintaining a clean driving record is mandatory.

* Cover Letter
* Resume
* Copies of relevant certificates
* Clean DMV printout

Pre-employment physical and drug screen required.


Resumes may be emailed to  or dropped off in person at 2200 Peabody Rd, Vacaville, Ca 95687