Content herein is provided for public information. We strive to make all content current and relevant. Questions regarding specific issues should be directed to the local agency having jurisdiction, the organization providing various services or your local veterinarian.

Humane Animal Services is a private, non-profit organization contracted by some Solano County cities to provide investigative and response services for domestic and wild animals.






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• Aggressive Dog
      If you are within City limits of Dixon, Fairfield, Suisun City,
      Rio Vista, or Vacaville – call H.A.S. at (707) 449-1700.

Animal Bites

• Animal – Noisy Animals / Nuisance Animals

• Animal – Strays

• Animal in Vehicle
       Pets should never be left unattended in a vehicle in hot weather.
       California State Law (PC 597.7) makes it illegal to leave an
       animal in and unattended vehicle. If you see an animal left
       unattended during warm weather, contact H.A.S. immediately.
       (707) 449-1700.


• Bites – Animal Bites


• Dog Licensing
      City of Dixon
      City of Suisun City
      City of Vacaville
      City of Vallejo

      License Fees and Solano County Information

• Leash Laws
      All contract cities that H.A.S. services have leash laws.

• Lost / Missing Animals
      H.A.S. maintains a log of all animals we pick up. You can call us
      and we will check the log. If your pet is not listed in our logs, you
      can contact Solano SPCA or Solano County Sheriff’s Animal Care.

• Microchipping
      Microchipping a pet provides identification of lost pets.
      Solano SPCA or your local vet can provide these services.

Mountain Lions

Noisy Animals

• Number of Animals
      Due to the nature of Solano County, each city may adopt
      policies, rules and ordinances relative to types, sizes and number
      of animals a resident may have. Please check with your city
      for questions pertaining to this subject.


• Pet Adoptions
      Solano SPCA
      Solano County Animal Shelter

• Pet Deaths
      Unfortunately H.A.S. does not pick up owned animals. It is the
      owners responsibility to handle the deceased pet. You can contact
      your veterinarian or Solano County Sheriff’s Animal Care.



Spay and Neutering

Stray Animals